Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To justify the cost of producing the ad material, it is advised to book the desired media for the following minimum periods: Cruise ship terminal - 1 year; Bus Shelter - 6 months; Billboard - 6 months.
No. All contracts are non-cancellable.
Discounts are considered when multiple ad spaces are rented, and are also dependent on the payment method and contract duration.
Most of our outdoor advertising media are illuminated, promoting exposure day and night. This ensures your message is visible at all times, thus always on target.
Always keep in mind that outdoor media is viewed "while on the move". Therefore, keep it simple. For an effective and impacting campaign use bold images, contrasting colors and large easy to read font types. Design ratio to be 20% text/copy and 80% graphic/image.
Yes, sister company Art & Design nv, as a renowned graphic agency, can be contracted to produce your artwork. Design fees are based on time, labour and materials needed to convey the message that you would like to present. Contact:
In order to guarantee material durability and maintain quality uniformity, all printed material will be produced and installed only by Art & Design nv.
Client will submit digital artwork at full size (to scale). Files can be formatted as Adobe Photoshop as CMYK TIFF or EPS and/or Adobe Illustrator. All fonts must be converted to paths (curves or elements). Include files for all imported elements such as logos, line/screen art, backgrounds, photos, etc. If color matching is critical, please submit a color hardcopy as reference. Final resolution depends on the media system booked. Please consult with the sales representative.
Arubilco nv shall have the right of refusal for any artwork, copy and/or ad material in the event that the aforementioned is not delivered as per the specifications indicated and/or the material contains offensive, unethical and/or discriminatory message(s) towards the public.
Absolutely, we recommend replacing your ad message with a new one periodically to maintain the interest of the public. Production costs will be applicable.

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